1. Move Your Company to Wyoming

Move Your Company to Wyoming

Author: Real Estate Holding Company

Published Jul 17th, 2023Updated Apr 26th, 2024
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How Do I Move a Company to Wyoming?

Continuance allows you to move a company and maintain its original start date. You may continue using the same EIN and let the old company dissolve. This is not a taxable event. Hire us and we will obtain certified copies of your company's articles, any amendments and write a resolution authorizing the transfer. Once we have the documents from your original state everything is finished within seven business days. Here are some details to look out for with the Wyoming continuance and domestication document:

  • Date of Formation is When the Company Was Formed
  • All Documents Need Original Signatures
  • Corporations Must List Their Duration
  • Corporations Must List an Officer
  • LLCs Don't Need to List a Member/Manager
  • Corporations Must List Their Share Count
  • Our Agent Service Lets You List Our Phone, Email, & Address After Your Signature

Send the filing to the Wyoming Secretary of State. You will need:

  • A Certificate of Good Standing and a Certified Copy of your Articles with any amendments. Both must be from the last six months.
  • The Articles of Domestication
  • Registered Agent Consent form
  • Send in one originally signed and original set of paperwork.
  • A Check for $100 made out to the Wyoming Secretary of State

Mail everything to:
2020 Carey Avenue Suite 700
Cheyenne, WY 82002

If you have questions the Wyoming Secretary of State's phone number is 307-777-7311 and the email is business@wyo.gov Unlike Nevada, you’ll find our state answers the phone and you will get your answers dealt with right away. We have a different idea of service levels here in the Cowboy State.

You’ll get the copy that you sent in, stamped, and mailed back to you or emailed back in about 3-5 business days after they get it. You can do a Wyoming Business Name Search here to see your business name registered in real time. There’s no delay from when a state worker approves your filing to showing up online.

Dissolve your Nevada LLC or Nevada Corporation:

Wyoming does a great job making things easier on business owners. You used to have to spend copious amounts of time obtaining notarized articles of domestication. It was also required that you possess a copy of the dissolution filing. However, this put businesses under too much strain, so Wyoming got rid of the requirement, making this process significantly less complicated.

Nevada's Secretary of State makes things more difficult. They have dissolution filing fees of $100 in order to hit businesses hard as they’re going out. Some business owners choose to officially dissolve their Nevada LLC or corporation because they want it to be a closed, done deal. So, they go through the process of corporation dissolution. However, many simply don’t care.

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