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Delaware Virtual Office

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Published Jul 12th, 2023Updated Feb 14th, 2024
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Businesses of all kinds are using virtual offices to cover some of their office needs. You get all of the benefits of having a physical office space, without the hassle of rent payments, cleaning, maintenance, and the other problems that come along with choosing a physical location.

Virtual offices are getting more and more popular the internet and modern infrastructure make it easier to create a non-traditional workspace.

If you have all the benefits of a traditional office without the office space, why would you sign up for the disadvantages of maintaining one?

Virtual Office Services

Don't settle for a PO box. The limitations of a PO box can make it difficult to use as your primary business address, but of course, you don't really want to use your personal address to conduct business either.

Virtual offices help you overcome the challenges of staying on top of your correspondence, protecting your personal space and personal life and looking more professional for clients and even other businesses.

Delaware Virtual Office Services

Our virtual office provides the core benefits of a physical space without having a physical space. More importantly, our Virtual Office Services help to bring the benefits to you. We scan your mail and forward it to you so that you always have the information you need quickly.

A virtual office also gives you a real address that you can use for all your business needs. Unlike a PO box, this address isn’t limited. If you could list a standard business address you can use your virtual office address the same way.

We also provide a toll-free phone number that you can customize with any area code your business needs.

Since you receive the virtual office with a commercial lease agreement, just like a standard business office, you also get a lot of the same benefits there. Your virtual office can help you build credit, open a business bank account, and other important benefits.

What is a Virtual Office?

While virtual offices are getting more and more common, a lot of people still don’t know what they are or how a virtual office works.

A virtual office space provides, at minimum, mail services, and an address you can use as your business address. It's also a valid address for banking, building credit, and other key business services.

Think of your virtual office as a hybrid space. More useful and versatile than a mailbox, but without the higher costs and maintenance of a traditional office.

What Do You Get With Virtual Office Services?

All of our clients receive virtual mail handling services with their virtual office. That includes mail forwarding or mail scanning into your virtual portal. Both options are available at no additional cost to you. All you need to do is decide whether you would prefer to receive your mail in a physical copy or if you’re alright with receiving everything virtually.

you’re alright with receiving everything virtually. After you purchase virtual office services, you’ll immediately be able to log in and set up your virtual document center.

Your document center also serves as your service hub for making payments, receiving updates, and other important notifications.

If you’ve selected to have your mail sent to your virtually and receive a package that’s too large to upload virtually, we’ll forward the package according to your instructions.

We also provide access to a document library including free templates for a wide variety of documents that you may need to file with your business. The templates are designed so that you can easily input your business's personal information to complete the form, send it off to the Secretary of the State, and move on to the next steps faster.

Since we also have a commercial lease as a part of our virtual office services all you need is a toll-free Delaware phone number to have everything you need to open a business account.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Office

One of the core benefits of using a virtual office is that virtual office services are significantly cheaper than paying traditional office rent. Virtual offices also have reduced overhead since they don’t require cleaning, decorating, or any other services on top of your lease agreement.

Virtual offices come with all the same benefits as having a professional business address, despite being cheaper. They are an address you can use with your bank, or to list as your business address on your website, business cards, and advertisements.

Large virtual office services can also come with other perks, like bookkeeping and accounting services, mail sorting, and accepting phone calls.

Mail sorting can also save you a significant amount of time, we’ll remove the junk mail for you so that you don’t have to deal with it.

Virtual offices also tend to have shorter lease agreements than a traditional office, so it’s easier to upgrade or change your office arrangements when the time comes. No need to wait on an extended lease to expire before you can upgrade your office arrangement.

The last benefit of virtual offices is one of the biggest. With improved infrastructure online and better meeting software, it's more possible than ever to have a diverse team from different locations, all telecommuting and working virtually. Maintaining a virtual office can help your business keep a physical presence through your virtual office address and mail services, while also taking advantage of a broad pool of talent that allows you to work with exactly the professionals you need to help your business grow.

Who Uses Virtual Office

Virtual offices are used by a wide variety of businesses of all sizes. They are a great solution to spread out virtual workforces for large corporations, and often more convenient and affordable for smaller businesses and solopreneurs. Plus, using a virtual office space makes it that much easier to work from home, which can have its own benefits for everyone in your organization.

Virtual offices can even be a solution for businesses that already have a traditional office, but who need an address in other locations as well.

In sort, virtual offices can be a good solution for almost any business, and a wide variety of businesses use them!

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