1. Solo 401k & Self-Directed 401k LLC

Solo 401k & Self-Directed 401k LLC

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Published Jul 17th, 2023Updated Feb 14th, 2024
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Invest in more than bonds... LLCs, properties and alternative currencies are ok!

401k Benefits

Tax deductible contributions and tax deferred profits that are protected from creditors. Such plans commonly invest in stocks and bonds. A Self-Directed 401k expands the universe of possible investments to include LLCs, property, bitcoin and more. The tax savings more than pay for the product, and the asset protection is akin to free insurance.



Tax deductible contributions, and tax deferred profits. The tax savings more than pay for the product.



Make loans, invest in LLCs, properties, bitcoin & more.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Immune to creditors. Safe from bankruptcies.

QRP Benefits

For 401(k)s, the maximum contribution is $54,000 per year. Taxes are deferred making contributions to an account. Contributions are not listed on your W-2. If your salary was $80,000 and you contributed $10,000, then your reportable income is $70,000.

Gains compound tax-deferred until retirement. This deferral doubles your gains if invested at 6% over 30 years.

If you accrue personal debts, then the creditor cannot seek restitution from the retirement account. Retirement funds, such as 401(k)s are protected investments and safe from bankruptcy. A QRP may also invest in an LLC and enjoy additional benefits.

  • Solo & Self-Directed 401k Benefits
  • Immune to Creditors & Bankruptcy
  • Contributions are Tax-Deductible
  • Invest as You Wish
  • Gains are Tax-Deferred
  • No Custodian
  • Low Fees

Sample Scenario

If you don't have or want your own company, then skip Step 1. If rolling over funds, there is some additional paperwork.

Step 1

Form an LLC with us and establish a 401k. The maximum contribution per year is $54,000. The 401k is self-directed. That means there is no trustee to pay. Essentially, you don’t pay for the hassle of someone saying what you can and cannot do with your money.

Step 2

Once your 401k is self-directed it can form an LLC. The LLC is wholly owned by the 401k. The LLC may now use these funds to invest as it chooses.

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