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  1. Wyoming Companies vs. Nevada & Delaware

Wyoming Companies vs. Nevada & Delaware

Jul 17th, 2023
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Wyoming, Nevada and Delaware are seen as competing for the same business. In truth, each targets different demographics. Delaware favors Fortune 500 companies and IPOs, Wyoming asset protection minded individuals, and Nevada is for those who like high fees.

Delaware is excellent for large corporations, but is not a haven for asset protection. Nevada encourages asset protection, but does not have statutes protecting single member LLCs. They have also become greedy and continually raised their prices. These events have quietly made Wyoming preferable for small businesses.

Delaware's Features

Delaware’s unique mixture of laws suit it well. It does not suit small business owners well though. This is due to higher fees and worse asset protection – especially for single member LLCs.

Their large incorporation industry makes some wonder whether they too should domicile in Delaware. Delaware has benefits such as privacy and well defined case law. This certainty, combined with manager friendly laws, make it popular with large funds and those looking to go public.

The Chancery Court is NOT a benefit for debtors. If you are pursued by creditors, then a quick resolution is not preferable. Creditors find also find it more difficult to obtain counsel in Wyoming and pursue a judgement.

Which state is better? It depends how large you are. Wells Fargo isn’t bothered by higher fees or the same asset protection concerns as an individual. Can you say the same?

  • Higher Start Up Fees
  • Less Asset Protection
  • Franchise Tax
  • Management Friendly Laws
  • Not Debtor Friendly
  • Higher Annual Fees

And Nevada?

Nevada and Wyoming share similar asset protection benefits. However, Nevada's statutes do not specifically protect single member LLCs. Nevada also charges $425 to form an LLC and several hundred each year after. The government fees alone are twice our $199 LLC service. Corporations face even higher fees.

Why pay more for less? If you are concerned about fees, taxes, privacy and the ease of starting up. Wyoming is the state for you.

Wyoming Benefits

Our state has a business friendly culture which values no taxes, privacy and low fees. Other states charge more, put your personal information at risk and won't provide asset protection when it's needed most. These benefits make Wyoming popular for doing business:

Low Fees

Low Fees

We charge $199 the first year. Future years cost $50 to file the annual report and $25 to maintain our registered agent service.



Anonymously own your company so nosy neighbors, needy family members and aggressive creditors can't take advantage of you.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Charging order protection for Single Member LLCs. Ideal for small businesses and holding companies.



Online order form, same day guarantee and a flat $199 price.

What corporate services do we offer?

Services designed to make starting your company simple. Allow us to form your company, run your virtual office, forward your mail and act as your registered agent. You focus on what matters - running your company.

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