1. Wyoming Registered Agent w/ The Best Address $59

Wyoming Registered Agent w/ The Best Address $59

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Published Jul 18th, 2023Updated Feb 14th, 2024
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Wyoming Agent Services

While being your agent is important, there is no way to justify the $100+ other providers charge. The truth is most companies don't receive much mail.

Let us help. We are passionate about providing a quality service at an affordable price. We also think we have one of the most unique addresses in Wyoming.

Since Wyoming allows anonymous companies, the agent you choose will be the public face of your company. Your agent's office will be what your clients see when they google your address.

Registered Agent Benefits



Use our address, phone and email for public listings.



Use our professional address anywhere you like. Great for e-commerce and home businesses.

Free Mail Forwarding

Free Mail Forwarding

We worry about the mail so you don't have to.

Low Fees

Low Fees

We only charge $59 per year.

Why make us your registered agent in Wyoming?

  • We Handle Everything
  • We Keep Your Private
  • Cheap Agent Fees
  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • 24/7 Access to Client Portal
  • Use our Address for Everything

Wyoming’s Secretary of State requires every company maintain an address in Wyoming. This address is referred to as either a registered agent, resident agent or a registered office. This is so the Secretary, and everyone else, has a way to contact the company.

If someone searches for your company they will see our address. This provides you with a professional face for the world, and keeps your name, address, phone and email out of the public record. Plus, we charge $59 which makes us among the cheapest registered agents in New Mexico.

This is why we charge a very reasonable $59 for our registered agent service. While it is an important job, it is not one which justifies the exorbitant costs we see other providers charging. Some national outfits charge $100+. That’s highway robbery.

List of Wyoming Registered Agent Questions

Why not choose the cheapest agent?

There are less expensive agents. Though, how much cheaper can you get than $59 per year? While being your agent is straightforward, a bad provider could wreak havoc on your company. Important mail is not delivered, or you are sued and never told. You find out after the damage is done and are forced to scramble rather than be proactive.

Can you be your own registered agent?

If you live outside Wyoming then you cannot be your own agent. An agent must have an address inside of Wyoming that can receive service of process during normal business hours. However, even if you live here, being your own agent isn't always advisable. It forces you to put information into the public record, and you may not always be around to receive important mail.

How do you switch registered agents?

Changing registered agents is simple because we do it for you. After you complete our form, we complete the Secretary’s change of agent form and mail it in. The process takes approximately one week. After completing the order form you don’t have to worry about anything!

  • Banks frequently request them.
  • It ratifies ownership percentages and contributions.
  • Verbal contracts are difficult to enforce.
  • It ensures members and managers agree to best practices. 

The order form has a choice between a member-managed and a manager-managed LLC. The difference is in who is allowed to sign on behalf of the company for bank accounts, contracts etc.

Members in member managed companies these authorities. For manager managed organizations, these authorities are vested with the managers; and all, some, or none of the members may be managers. Learn more about LLC operating agreements here.

Should I pay before or after forming my Wyoming LLC?

You should do so before forming your company. The Secretary’s site asks whether you have received permission to use the listed agent’s information. You may only check that box if you have actually received permission, i.e. retained the services.

Alternatively, we will happily form your llc. Our LLCs preserve your anonymity, have a same day guarantee and come with your first year of agent service. We handle the details and you will be on your way in less than a day.

What is a resident agent, statutory agent, registered office, etc.?

The following terms mean the same thing: registered agent, registered office, statutory agent, resident agent and agent for service of process. They refer to an address or office designated as your main point of contact. A Wyoming company must have an agent in Wyoming.

What if you don't have an agent?

You may go up to 60 days without having an agent. After this grace period the state administratively dissolves the company. Note, agents must provide a 30 day notice before they can withdraw their services. This means you have 90 days from the time you are informed you need a new agent to the time when your company will be dissolved.

What about Mail Forwarding and Virtual Offices?

Every company receives five pieces of complimentary mail forwarding. If you need more, or want a unique address, then we kindly ask you purchase mail forwarding or a virtual office.

Let’s Make Your Business Official.

Free BOI/CTA filing for all clients. Receive your LLC, EIN, and bank account SAME-DAY.

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