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  1. Local New Mexico Registered Agent $59 (Use our Address)

Local New Mexico Registered Agent $59 (Use our Address)

Jul 16th, 2023
24 Hour Turn-AroundNo Hidden FeesFast and Easy Onboarding

Use Our Address Stay Private Free Mail Forwarding

Our Registered Agent Service

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Being your agent is an important job, but not one worth the $100+ national outfits charge. They often simply resell services such as ours. We offer flat rate transparent pricing because it's easier on everyone that way. We would rather you tell your friends what a great deal you got, rather than sneak a few extra dollars out of you.

Registered Agent Benefits



Our service keeps your name and address out of a publicly searchable database.



Use our address for everything. Great for home offices and internet businesses.

Free Mail Forwarding

Free Mail Forwarding

Let us worry about the mail. Five pieces free and larger packages available.

Low Fees

Low Fees

First year free for new companies we form, and future years are only $59.

Why our New Mexican Agent Service?

The Secretary requires you to maintain an office in New Mexico to act as your point of contact. The Secretary will also allow your agent to be the public face of the company. This is how we keep your information private.

If someone searches for your company they will see our address. This provides you with a professional face for the world, and keeps your name, address, phone and email out of the public record. Plus, we charge $59 which makes us among the cheapest registered agents in New Mexico.

We Do Everything

  • Professional Business Address
  • Anonymity
  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • We Keep it Simple


The agent is the public face of the company. The Secretary of State requires them so the company has a single point of contact. This also means the registered agent must have an address in New Mexico. Your agent's responsibilities include receiving important mail and acting as the public face of the company. Since New Mexico allows anonymity, we are what people see when they search your address.

If you do not live in New Mexico, then you cannot be your own agent. Even if you could there are good reasons not to. The first applies to small and home based businesses - if you're using a home address, then your home be in a searchable database. Plus, you will have to update your information with the Secretary each time you move.

Acting as your own also increases the likelihood of missing documents, either you're not around or something is misplaced. Or, imagine being forced to accept a lawsuit in front of friends or coworkers.

Switching is easy because we do everything for you - just complete our order form. After that, you will have immediate access to your client portal. This is where we will upload any documents we receive for you. We will also promptly mail the change form into the Secretary. They will process the change in approximately one week.

If you form on your own then you require our service first. Do know, if you form yourself, then your name goes into the public record. Only go this route if privacy is not important to you.

Alternatively, we can form your llc and protect your identity. New companies have a same day guarantee and receive their first year of registered agent service free. Why not let us file the paperwork?

A resident agent is simply another term for a registered agent. Each state has their own terminology and some states even use multiple terms. This has led to a proliferation of terms. These terms include resident agent, registered office address, statutory agent, or an agent for service of process. All designate your company's primary point of contact.

There is a grace period where the Secretary will let you operate without an agent. After this grace period your company will be dissolved.

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