1. Anonymous New Mexico LLCs

Anonymous New Mexico LLCs

Author: Real Estate Holding Company

Published Jul 16th, 2023Updated Feb 14th, 2024
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Anonymous LLC Formations

A driving reason people form New Mexico LLCs is because of the anonymity they offer. It is normal to exercise your right to privacy. It doesn't mean you are doing something bad. With more and more information appearing online it’s justifiable to be concerned.

Anonymous Ownership

We form your LLC anonymously by default. The only information we provide the Secretary of State is ours because we are the Organizer of the LLC. Your personal information is kept private. This service prevents acquaintances, family, and creditors from finding what you own. Corporations only need to list an incorporator the first year and may use our nominee services in future years. This prevents nosy neighbors, needy family members and aggressive creditors from finding your assets with a simple search.

  • No Members Listed
  • No Managers Listed
  • No Address Listed
  • No Phone Listed
  • Additional Nominee Services Available

What does the New Mexico Secretary of State know?

The Secretary of the State of New Mexico does not ask for a list of the members or the managers, they only ask for the name of the person or entity which files the paperwork (that is us). We also pay the State, this means your money trail will end with us as well. There is no record of payment from you to the Secretary.

Future Filings With The Secretary

New Mexico is convenient because in the following years there are no annual reports for LLCs to file. This fact makes New Mexico one of the cheapest LLCs in the country. You only have to maintain our New Mexico registered agent service to remain in good standing. This can provide significant savings over the life of your company when compared to a Wyoming LLC, which does have annual reports.

Using our agent service also provides you free use of our address, and limited free mail forwarding. You may place it on business cards, websites, invoices and more. This can be useful for helping to maintain your privacy and to keep your home or other addresses from becoming public. If you require additional mail handling, then you may want to set up one of our virtual offices.

Is Pursuing Privacy Ok?

Of course it is, it is your right and you have every right to take advantage of it. It is not required by law that you make personal information public. Maintaining a low profile provides several benefits. Keep in mind that the biggest targets are the flashier and the wealthier individuals in society. Every minute two lawsuits are filed and wealthy individuals are targets more often. Why take the risk when you don’t have to?

What do we know?

We need to keep updated information about the owners and the managers of the LLC to act as your registered agent. This information will only be used internally and it will not be shared with other people.

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