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Colorado Registered Agent

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Published Jul 11th, 2023Updated Apr 26th, 2024
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Registered Agent Benefits

Acting as your registered agent is important, but not so important that we charge the $100+ other companies do. In truth, they are often simply resellers of agent services like ours. Our prices are low and transparent so that everyone's happier. You will know what you're getting, and we know you will return next year. Why fix something that's not broken?

Our service includes the use of our Cherry Creek office address as your principal place of business and mailing address for an additional $50. We file everything and pay the $10 change of registered agent fee and $10 change of address fee with the Secretary of State. You receive your first year of agent service for free if we form your Colorado LLC.

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Our service keeps your name and address out of a publicly searchable database.



Use our address for everything. Great for home offices and internet businesses.



Let us worry about the mail. Five pieces free and larger packages available.



First year free for new companies formed with us.

Colorado Registered Agent FAQ

What is a registered agent?

The concept of a registered agent is simple. Their job is to be the public face of the company and to serve as the point of contact if someone needs to reach the company. This is a seemingly straightforward task, but a poor provider can wreak havoc. This is why we advise against choosing the cheapest registered agent you can find.

Why not choose the cheapest service?

Your agent is in charge of forwarding important mail, including lawsuits. An agent who doesn't pay attention doesn’t care, or charges too little to have proper staffing will be unlikely to properly forward your urgent mail.

Our order form even contains a line for your attorney's email. This way in the event of a lawsuit both you and your attorney will find out immediately. Little things like this can make a big difference between cheap agents and professional registered agent services.

How do I change agents in Colorado?

We make changing agents simple because we do everything. Just complete our order form. You will be automatically logged into the portal where we upload any documents we receive from you.

We file your agent change the same day and it is effective immediately. After that, we won't bug you again until we have mail or your periodic report is due.

Do I pay before or after setting up my company?

If forming yourself, then you need to buy our service prior to filing. Read our guide to incorporating in Colorado here. Forming the company yourself places your information into the public record.

To preserve your privacy consider having us form your Colorado LLC or Corporation. New company formations receive their first year of agent service free. We handle everything and your company will be running within the day.

What’s a statutory agent?

There are many ways to refer to registered agents. Each designates the address or person in charge of receiving official correspondence from the state. These interchangeable terms include registered office address, resident agent, statutory agent, and agent for service of process. Our Secretary of State formally refers to them as registered agents in Colorado.

Can I be my own registered agent?

Then your address and name will be made public. You may also have to accept embarrassing documents in front of others, or may not be around to accept important documents when they arrive.

What if I don't have a registered agent?

The Colorado Secretary of State requires you to have an agent. They provide a grace period if you lose your agent for any reason. They will act as your agent in CO during this time. After this grace period, your company will be administratively dissolved and there is a fee to bring it back.

Why use our Colorado Agent service?

  • We Do Everything
  • Remove Your Address From The Public Record
  • Remove Your Name From The Public Record
  • Use Our Cherry Creek Address
  • Periodic Report Reminders
  • Free Mail Forwarding

The Secretary of State requires you to maintain a registered agent in Colorado. You may be your own, though there are good reasons to choose a professional service.

The first reason applies to online companies, home businesses, consultants and similar industries. If you have no office, then your home address goes into the public record. This also means every time you move there's form and a fee.

Being your own agent also means possibly missing important mail because you're not around, or you may be forced to accept embarrassing lawsuits in front of employees or friends.

Our service saves you the above worries. Plus, when important reminders come due, or the State changes laws, we let you know. Need more than an agent? We can act as your virtual office too.

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