1. Form a Colorado LLC: $199

Form a Colorado LLC: Starting at $99 plus state fees

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Published Jul 11th, 2023Updated Feb 14th, 2024
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Colorado LLC Formations

Form a Colorado LLC within 24 hours for only $99 + state filing fee of $50! Our all-inclusive compliance package covers state filing fees, one year of registered agent service, attorney written operating agreement, free use of our business address, assistance with bank account setup, and meeting minutes.

Forming a Colorado LLC is fast and easy. An LLC is important for protecting assets, minimizing taxes, and remaining private. It is somewhat like insurance, with the tax savings paying the filing fees. The formation process does not have to be difficult, and with us, it isn't.

We have an online order form and same-day guarantee. We complete your operating agreement, act as your registered agent, provide a professional business address, complete your resolution to open a bank account, and more. Don't choose providers that provide blank templates or who want to mail you documents.

Colorado LLC Benefits


Asset Protection

Protect your home, savings and lifestyle.

Low Fees

Low Fees

Starting at $99, our pricing includes everything you need for your first year.

Low Fees

New Tax Laws

Save more on taxes than you spend on formation.



Everything is done the same day.

Private Ownership

Private Ownership

Colorado does not require owners to be listed. Use our name instead.



Increases trust compared to a Sole-Proprietorship.

Why Have Us Form Your LLC?

LESS expensive and QUICKER than Legal Zoom.

  • Same Day Turn Around
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Our LLC Formation Service Includes

Important paperwork - Articles, Operating Agreement, Resolutions & More

  • First Year of Registered Agent Service
  • A No Stress Process - We Do Everything
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What is an LLC?

LLC stands for limited liability company. In terms of the law, a company is its own person. Practically speaking, this means an LLC can own property, assume debt, and enter into contracts. For all intents and purposes it has an existence of its own.

This separation is what provides liability protection. The company has its own debts which cannot be transferred to the owner due to the corporate veil. Your company can go bankrupt without it affecting you personally.

Is an LLC better than a Sole-Prop?

Sole proprietorships have unlimited personal liability, pay higher taxes, and expose personally identifying information. Why roll the dice when a lawsuit is filed every thirty seconds and setting up a Colorado LLC takes less than a day?

Why not form the LLC yourself?

You can set up the company yourself, but there are a few good reasons not to. Doing so means you will not receive important documents such as your operating agreement, organizational minutes, resolution to open a bank account, and more.

You will also be forced to put your name, address, and other information into the public record as the organizer of the LLC. If you have a home based business, this means everyone will see where you live. Nosy neighbors, needy family members, and creditors can find what you own with Google.

Our LLC formation service protects your identity by placing our information into the public record. We also promise to do things correctly the first time. Let us help you get the most out of your company.

Why would you want anonymity?

Colorado is one of the few states which will let you form an anonymous LLC. The Secretary of State does not ask for members or managers. This keeps your personal information from appearing online for everyone to see. You can only enjoy this benefit if you use a professional LLC formation service however.

Do I need an EIN/TIN?

Your company's EIN/TIN is the equivalent of a person's Social Security Number. It is unique to the company and required for bank accounts, employees, resale permits, tax filings, and more. You do not have to obtain your EIN when you register your LLC. You may wait as long as you wish, but you will not want to begin transacting business without one.

We can obtain your EIN or you may follow our guide for obtaining an EIN here. The process takes approximately 20m.

Do you include an operating agreement?

Yes. You receive an agreement that has been completed with your information. Operating agreements are important for ratifying ownership percentages and showing them to the bank. You may learn more about operating agreements here.

What are my annual requirements?

Maintaining an LLC is simple, especially compared to a corporation. After registering your Colorado LLC, there is an annual meeting and an annual filing the Secretary of State requires which is called a periodic report. We are happy to provide the paperwork for the annual meeting and file the periodic report for you.

Corporate Structuring

  • 5 Criteria for Asset Protection
  • $50,000+ in LLC Contributions
  • Risky Assets, e.g. Equipment or Real Estate
  • Passive Income, e.g. Trademarks or Real Estate
  • Self Employed or Have Employees
  • $500,000+ in Personal Assets

An LLC is a time tested entity for asset protection. The corporate veil prevents corporate creditors from pursuing you personally. While personal assets are safe, your company may have significant assets you do not wish to part with. Alternatively, personal creditors may seek to seize your business holdings.

The formation of additional entities, for example a holding company, can be used to separate corporate assets from corporate liabilities. Assets such as cash, equipment, and trademarks are held safely away from operational risks.

If you meet any of these five criteria then you should consider additional forms of asset protection, including forming a Wyoming LLC, Solo 401k, or an Asset Protection Trust.

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