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  1. Colorado Virtual Office

Colorado Virtual Office

Jul 11th, 2023
24 Hour Turn-AroundNo Hidden FeesFast and Easy Onboarding

$50 a Month or $300 Yearly Cherry Creek Address Let Us Handle The Mail Phone Forwarding & Answering Available

Why A Virtual Office?

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Use our office address as your address. Don't let clients know where you live.



Other colorado virtual offices charge hundreds of dollars more per year.



Why hand out your home address and receive mail there, when we can do it for you?

Who Uses Them and Why Us?

Consultants, online businesses, virtual assistants, ecommerce stores, ebay and amazon sellers, telemarketing firms and other choose us. This is because we provide a cost effective solution to several problems. Whether you want a professional face, desiring privacy or dreading mail. Let us step in and help.

What Do You Receive?

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Use of Our Address

Use our address on your website, cards, invoices and more. Use our address for free if we form your LLC.


You receive a toll-free or 303 number which forwards anywhere you want.

Mail Forwarding

We scan it to your portal, or ship it anywhere in the world. Forwarding only costs postage.

Only Want Mail?

No one likes handling mail... so give that task to us. Our mail forwarding service preserves your privacy and reduces your paperwork. Visit the portal and review mail when you want. Just sign up for our registered agent service.

  • Agent Service Includes 5 Pieces
  • +$5 Per Additional
  • Unlimited Weekly Mail Forwarding/Scanning for $150
  • Unlimited Daily Mail Forwarding/Scanning for $200
  • OR: Virtual Office for $300

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