1. Wyoming LLC Fees

Wyoming LLC Fees

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Published Jul 18th, 2023Updated Feb 14th, 2024
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Wyoming LLCs & Their Fees

Wyoming is often chosen for its low fees. The fees are especially low when compared to other popular domiciles such as Nevada and Delaware, and notoriously high fee states such as California and New York.

While Wyoming LLC fees are not as low as those for New Mexico LLCs, the higher prices are often worth the price due to the enhanced asset protection. See below a list of fees. The table shows the Secretary of State’s fee, our handling fee and whether the Secretary of State makes the filing public.

If made public, then it means filing it yourself will enter your name into the public record. This will publicly tie you to the company and end the privacy benefits Wyoming LLCs enjoy. Learn more about Wyoming LLC privacy here.

Fee Schedule

FormSecretary's FeeHandling FeeReveals Idenitity
No state corporate income tax
No tax on corporate shares
No franchise tax
Minimal annual fees
One-person corporation is allowed
Stockholders are not revealed to the State
No annual report is required until the anniversary of the incorporation date
No Initial List of Officers/Members is filed with the state
No general Business License required
Unlimited stock is allowed, of any par value
Nominee shareholders are allowed
Share certificates are not required
Meetings may be held anywhere
Officers, directors, employees and agents are statutorily indemnified
Continuance procedure (allows adoption of a corporation formed in another state)
Doesn't collect corporate income tax information to share with the IRS

The above fees are significantly lower than competing states. See a more complete comparison between Wyoming, Nevada and Delaware here. You may also view a New Mexico LLC fee schedule here.

Want Lower Fees?

Wyoming LLCs are often formed for their asset protection features. If these are not important, than you may want to consider forming a New Mexico LLC. They offer the same anonymity as Wyoming LLCs at a lower cost. This is primarily due to there being no annual reports to file. This reduces costs significantly over time.

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