1. Wyoming LLC Privacy

Wyoming LLC Privacy

Author: Real Estate Holding Company

Published Jul 18th, 2023Updated Feb 14th, 2024
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Protect Your Identity

People choose Wyoming partly due to its privacy laws. This article covers who knows what when – and what you may reasonably expect. Keeping your affairs private is a right and justifiable. It does not mean you are “up to no good” as some may claim or feel. Twenty years ago public information was stuck in boxes of paperwork at a difficult to find government office, today everything is just a Google search away. Further enhance your privacy by using our virtual office service.

Anonymous Ownership

  • No Members Listed
  • No Managers Listed
  • No Share Holders Listed
  • Nominee Officers Allowed

Wyoming Limited Liability Companies are private by default. The Secretary of State only asks for the organizer of the LLC. The organizer is the person who files the paperwork, which is us. Members and managers are not disclosed.

Corporations only need to list an incorporator the first year and may use our nominee services in future years. This prevents nosy neighbors, needy family members and aggressive creditors from finding your assets with a simple search.

What does Wyoming know?

When forming a company, the Wyoming Secretary of State does not require managers or members to be listed anywhere. They only ask who organizes the LLC. That means our name and address will appear on the Articles, not yours. The same is true for the shareholders and directors of a Corporation. Only we are listed.

The the money trail ends with us as well because we pay the State. This stops another potential piece of information from being compromised. In future years, Wyoming asks for a name when the annual report is filed.

Is Anonymity ok?

Absolutely. You have the right to privacy and should take advantage of it. There is no reason to flash your possessions. The homeless aren't sued because there is no gold at the end of the rainbow. The reverse is those who display wealth are targets.

A lawsuit is filed every thirty seconds and those with wealth are often targets. Family, friends, neighbors and creditors will not find your possessions with a quick internet search. A low profile acts as additional asset protection. We will protect your identity and encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity by forming an llc.

What do we know?

As your registered agent we are required to maintain up to date information on owners and managers of the LLC. The information must be accurate to within sixty days within the first year, and must be updated annually thereafter. This information is only for our internal records and we will never disclose these details to anybody.

What does the government know?

If you require an EIN number then the IRS will request either a SSN or an EIN. The IRS will not divulge your information to anybody without a court order. It is not accessible by other government agencies nor creditors. You should remember here the adage about death and taxes. Wyoming LLC privacy is not meant for evading taxes.

Foreign Owners

Foreign parties have no access to the beneficial owners of Wyoming LLCs. They would have to secure legal representation in Wyoming and subpoena the information. This is a high bar to hurdle. You should retain a legal or tax expert for the reporting requirements specific to your situation.

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