1. Resources for LLCs & Corporations

Resources for LLCs & Corporations

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Published Jul 17th, 2023Updated Feb 14th, 2024
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The following pages were designed to help empower our clients. Some pages cover services we offer, such as obtaining your EIN, while others cover services we cannot assist with, e.g. opening a bank account. These pages are designed to help make your life easy.

Filing for Your Employer Identification Number (EIN/TIN) Online

Almost every company must have an EIN. It is a hassle, but necessary for opening up bank accounts, hiring employees and filing taxes. You may follow our guide for obtaining your EIN, or you may have us do it. We can obtain Foreign EINs without a problem.

Opening A Bank Account

After obtaining your EIN, the next step most take is to open a bank account. Most questions revolve around how to do this from out of state, and whether the process is more difficult given the company is usually anonymous. Find out how to open a business bank account here.

Filing a Wyoming LLC Annual Report

Wyoming's annual report is easy to file. It is really just an excuse to collect $50. It does require the name of the filer, so people often have us do it to remain private. Find out how to file your Wyoming LLC annual report here.

Filing a Colorado LLC Annual Report

Colorado has a simple annual report and a $10 fee that goes with it. It is also a chance to update the company's address and agent without paying the usual fees associated with that. Find out how to file your Colorado LLC periodic/annual report here.

What is an Operating Agreement?

Not every state requires an Operating Agreement, but it is still a good idea to have one. They lay out the internal rules and procedures that all members must follow. Even Single-Member LLCs should have an agreement. Banks usually require them and they show you are taking part in corporate formalities. This is not a public document. Click here to learn more about LLC Operating Agreements.

Move Your Company to Wyoming

With other states raising fees and violating your privacy, it is common to move estalished companies to Wyoming. We most often help individuals escape Nevada's crazy fees, but we are happy to help you move no matter the state in question. Wyoming will even allow you to maintain your start date so you don't lose imporant corporate history. This is done via filing Articles of Continuance with the Wyoming Secretary of State. Learn more about moving your company to Wyoming here.

Establishing Wyoming Residency

Looking to move more than just your company? We can put you in touch with an attorney specializing in establishing residency in Wyoming. From no personal income taxes, to the fresh air, there are a million reasons to move here. Learn more about Wyoming residency here.

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