1. Live Phone Answering

Live Phone Answering

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Published Jul 10th, 2023Updated Feb 14th, 2024
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Live answering services are provided by a third-party company for customers that use virtual offices in the United States. The live phone answering service model uses outsourced workers to answer the phone for offices. They can act as a virtual receptionist by scheduling appointments, and even offer services such as asking screening questions, customer support, and service after hours.

What is a Live Phone Answering Service & How Does it Work?

Live answering services are offered through a company that you hire. They have employees that will screen your calls and speak to your customers when you are unable to or do not wish to do so. The purpose of a live answering service is to have someone answer the phone rather than an automatic robot.

What are the Advantages of a Live Phone Answering Service?

Many small to medium businesses have transitioned to live phone answering services because of the benefits they offer. Business owners have enjoyed spending less time on the phones and more time on what really matters.

Here are a few reasons why business owners use live phone answering services:

Call screening

When you use a live answering service your calls are sent to a real person. Before they are transferred to you, a virtual receptionist may ask questions, set an appointment, and take notes to prepare you for your conversation with that person. It helps to reduce the amount of time speaking to customers.

Real Person

Instead of an automated machine answering your calls you will have a real person. This makes this less frustrating for your customers and more efficient for you.

Appointment scheduling

If you have a business that works off of appointments it can be frustrating to try and schedule all of them. With a virtual answering service you can have this tedious scheduling done for you.


Every business is different. Some may need a live receptionist 24/7, while others need one on the weekends. This is why you can utilize the flexibility of a live answering service to answer when you can’t.

Reduce costs

Rather than hiring someone to be in-house to answer calls, you can hire a live phone answering professional. Typically you will pay per call, rather than per hour. There are many different options to choose from, and this type of service will help to reduce costs. Whether you need coverage for times when you are extra busy, or to have someone to cover the phones when you are gone, you won’t need to train additional staff members.

More calls answered

When it comes to hiring a service to answer your calls, you should expect them to be answered within 10 to12 seconds. If the call goes to voicemail, you may never have a chance to find out what that customer wants or needs. They might directly call your competitor after trying you. You can answer more calls and convert them into sales with a live answering service.

Improve customer support

The most important part of a live answering service is that you can improve your customer support. You can’t answer every call every time, but with a live answering service to help, you can. When it comes to a live answering service is also helps you to build confidence from your customers. They will feel that you will be there when they need you, and will continue to give you their business.

Disadvantages of Live Phone Answering Services

Although there are many benefits of using a live phone answering service, there are a few disadvantages that business owners should be aware of.

Can be costly

Like any service you add, a live phone answering service will cost you. Depending on how often you need to have someone answer your phone, it can be expensive.


Because customer service is not always that knowledgeable about your company, you may need to put hours into training. Although you could provide a simple fact sheet, you want to avoid someone completely unprepared speaking to your customers.

Is a Live Phone Answering Service Right for Your Business?

If you have been struggling to answer the phone due to increased business, a live answering service might help. It is perfect for those who own a business and speak to their clients or customers on the phone often. These services allow your customers to speak to a real person, and allow you to take time off from the phone.

Rather than force your customers to speak to an automated service, having a live answering service in place is a nice change. It can leave a good impression on new customers, and help to retain old.

Whether your business is growing and you can’t keep up, or you want to have a more professional look, a live answering service can help convert leads and push your business to heightened success.

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